Monday, August 17, 2009

Thailand: New Series 1 Baht Circulation Coin details

1 Baht coins account for 70% of the total 17 billion coins in circulation. To reduce production costs, new series coins made of Nickel-clad steel (rather than Cupro-nickel) were launched in Jul 2009. They are lighter by 0.4g as well.

The obverse has been updated with a more recent potrait of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej. The reverse has several noticeable differences as highlighted below.

1 Baht new series 2009 obverse 1 Baht old series 2008 Y# 183 obverse
1 Baht new Series 2009 reverse 1 Baht old series 2008 Y# 283 reverse
On left is New Series and on right is older series (Y#183).

Thai and Arabic numeral:
Arabic number 1 is significantly taller than the Thai word for Baht "บาท". Thai number 1 (๑) also has a bigger starting head.

1 Baht new series reverse detail number 1 Baht old series reverse detail number

Chedi or Stupa:
Number of rings between the square base and the hemisperical dome in the new coins are one less than the older series.

Roof finials:
The Ubosot (ordination hall) roof finials have different lengths and distance separating them.

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