Monday, July 27, 2009

Thailand: Banknote signature varieties

Since the Sep 2006 coup, Thailand has seen several changes in government resulting in 5 different Finance Ministers with short tenures. Below is a list of signature varieties seen in banknotes during the last 3 years.

Tarisa Watanagase was appointed as Governor of Bank of Thailand in Oct 2006 replacing Pridiyathorn Devakula who was made Finance Minister. Korn Chatikavanij is the current Finance Minister.

Sig 81

Sig 80

Sig 79

Sig 78

Sig 77


fishfly said...

Interesting. That was something I had completely forgotten about when thinking about all the Government changes the last few years.
As a collector of complete coin sets, it would certainly make a bigger set if they changed signatures on coins too. I do not collect notes too much, but those that do can have fun finding them all.

Sanjay Basu said...

I haven't managed to collect the circulation coins for all years - still a long way to go. How do you collect yours?

fishfly said...

My wife and family help look for circulation coins. Others I have to trade for or buy.
How do you get yours?

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