Friday, July 31, 2009

Thailand: Differences in New and Old Series circulation coins

5 Baht New Series Rev5 Baht Old Series Rev

On left is the new 5 Baht coin and on right is the old series 5 Baht coin (Y#219) which has been in circulation since 1988.

The obvious differences seen in the new coin are:
* Weight is 6g compared to 7.5g for Y#219. It is much thinner.
* Triangular roof of the "Ubosot" is much more detailed
* Windows on either side have more finer details

10 Baht New Series Rev10 Baht Old Series Rev

For the 10 Baht coins, new series on left and old (Y#227 1988-2008) on right, noticable differences are:
* In new series coin, distance between numeral 1 and 0 on the Braille number 10 is more.
* Prang of Wat Arun has more details and is taller
* Inner brass ring does not have a raised border
* The waves on the river are thinner

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