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Thailand: Coin Dating

Coins minted before 1874 AD did not carry any dates. Copper coins issued in 1874 during the reign of HM King Rama 5 were the first coins where C.S. or จ.ศ.(Chula Sakarat จุลศักราช) dates appeared. CS dating is believed to have started in Burma during 639 AD and used widely in Lanna, Sukhothai and Ayuthaya periods and in Burma and Cambodia.

Thai coins dating C.S. CS
Y# 19 - 1 Sio CS 1236 (1874AD)

In 1888 HM King Rama 5 declared 1782 as the epoch for the counting of years. This is because on April 6, 1782, Rattanakosin (present day Bangkok) was established as the capital by HM King Rama I and thus began the present Chakri dynasty.

From 1890 all coins carried R.S. or ร.ศ. (Rattanakosin Sok รัตนโกสนทรศก) dates.

Thai coin dating R.S. RS
Y# 22 1 Att RS 122 (1903AD)

In 1912 HM King Rama 6 changed the year counting to B.E. or พ.ศ. (Budhist Era พุทธศักราช). Coins since then carry on B.E. dates.

Thai coins dating B.E. BE
New series 10 Baht circulation coin BE 2552 (2009AD)

Date conversion table below will help converting dates from different calendar eras.

Thai numerals

Thai coin date calculation B.E. A.D. C.S. R.S.

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