Friday, February 12, 2010

Thailand: Series 7 Banknotes

In 1945, the Royal Thai Army Survey and the Royal Thai Naval Hydrographic departments could not print enough banknotes as Bangkok was being bombed by the Allied forces. The Bank of Thailand used government owned presses and contracted privately owned presses to print banknotes during this period. These banknotes are of poor paper and print quality and are difficult to find in UNC condition.

Denominations issued were:
1 Baht : Pick 54
5 Baht : Pick 55 and 55A
10 Baht : Pick 56, and
50 Baht : Pick 57 (For P57a, Bond paper was used for printing - the notes had no watermark or silk security threads)

Series 7 banknotes
Above image courtesy of Mr. Pipob Charoensri, a fellow collector and blogger from Chiangrai, Northern Thailand.

1 Baht banknote P54a Thailand
P54a: 1 Baht

Watermark details - Multiple wavy lines (Click above to see larger size image)

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