Friday, May 7, 2010

Thailand: Update on 100 Baht commemorative banknote

Commemorative 100 Baht banknotes has been issued last Tuesday to mark the 60th Anniversary of the Royal Wedding and the Royal Coronation of HM King Bhumibol Adulyadej of Thailand.

I got my first banknotes on the same day but cannot post any scans as these banknotes have EURion constellation patterns on the reverse to prevent counterfeiting. EURion constellation is a pattern of five rings which are incorporated into the banknote's design which help software in digital copiers and scanners to identify banknotes.

Commemorative 100 Baht banknote 60 years royal wedding 60 year royal coronation

The obverse is similar to current series 15 circulation notes (Pick 114) while the reverse feature the 60th anniversary of the Royal Wedding (28 April 1950) and the Royal Coronation of HM the King (5 May 1950). Serial number run from 9ธ(R)0000001 to 9ธ(R)9999999. Specimen notes are available but replacement notes have not been noticed as of yet. Will keep my readers posted.

To mark both occasions, postage stamps have also been issued on respective dates. See images below:

Postage stamps 60 years Royal Wedding 28 Apr 2010

Postage stamp 60 years Royal Coronation 5 May 2010

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