Tuesday, April 20, 2010

India: 60 years Commonwealth - new 5 Rupees coin

The Reserve Bank of India will shortly put in to circulation new commemorative circulation coins of 5 Rupees made of Nickel Brass to mark 60 years of Commonwealth.

India 5 Rupees coin 60 year commonwealth
Image from ebay

For more details see press release of Reserve Bank of India on 20 Apr 2010.


raahat gupta said...

`I have 3 coins of 60 years of commonwealth in 5 rs. coins

i wanted to know that how man coins are made and there is any price or valuation of them please reply fast

my name is raahat gupta
class 8
address :114-a triloki dham ,renuka mandir lane ,mission road ,pathankot

please reply through post

Sanjay Basu said...

Raahat - I have no info on total mintage. Regarding pricing why don't you check on ebay? I see a wide range of prices being offered.

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