Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Thailand: Series 10 Banknotes

Thailand 100 Baht banknote P79a Series 10

100 Baht banknotes of Series 9 were heavily counterfeited forcing the government to issue a new series in 1968. The 10th series comprised of only one denomination i.e. 100 Baht. To prevent counterfeiting, these banknotes printed at Thomas de la Rue, used intaglio printing and security threads with microlettering ประเทศไทย (or as Thailand is written in Thai) printed at intervals. These notes were used for another 4 years before Series 11 was introduced in 1972.

Thailand 100 Baht P79a Series 10 banknote detail

As stated above and in checklist below, only 100 Baht denomination with 2 signature varieties are available for this banknote. These notes are very popular items for Thai banknote collectors and cost about 1,000 Baht for a pair (UNC - both sig varieties).

Thailand 100 Baht banknote P79a Series 10 checklist
Click on above image to see Checklist of Series 10 banknotes. For MS-Excel or PDF checklists, please contact me at

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