Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Thailand: Updated "Thai Banknotes Catalogue" available

Anybody seriously collecting Thai banknotes cannot do without the updated Thai Banknotes Catalogue by Somchai Saeng-ngern. This very detailed catalogue in both Thai and English languages was released in Dec 2009 and is sold at a very nominal price of 900 Baht or approx 28 USD.

Thai Banknote Catalogue
Thai Banknotes Catalogue Somchai Saeng-ngern
by Somchai Saeng-ngern
ISBN 978-974-235-606-4
Size 30x21.5cm, 272 pages

This catalog covers all paper money issued since 1853 from the reign of HM Rama IV to the present Series 15 banknotes with signature of Korn Chatikavanij (กรณ์ จาติกวณิช, Minister of Finance) and Tarisa Watanagase (ธาริษา วัฒนเกส, Governor, Bank of Thailand ).

Sample pages can be viewed at Thai Banknote Catalogue sample pages.

Chapters dedicated to banknotes issued by foreign banks in the 1890's and Commemorative banknotes are very interesting to read. A notable upgrade from the previous editions is the improved quality of images and more accurate data concerning serial number prefixes and market prices. One noticeable point is that this catalogue does not make any references to Krause's Standard Catalog of World Paper Money or Pick numbers. Also details of watermarks and security threads in the form of images would be helpful and recommended for next edition. However, what this catalogue lacks has been or will be covered in my checklists.

Examples are:
Thailand: Series 9 Banknotes.
Thailand: Series 10 Banknotes.

In short it is a must for all Thai banknote collectors. Anybody interested in buying this catalogue over the internet can contact the publisher at or Mr.Waranon Tiamkeaw. Note that they can ship this catalog abroad to foreign collectors.

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